Here are the dates for 2015.  The formats are subject to change so sign up for our newsletter to stay informed!

March 28  Shenanigans Coed 4’s & Coed Fixed 2’s in Hermosa Beach
April 11
April 26
May 16
 June 6


Event Check In

  • Beach check-in (and late registration) the morning of the event opens at 8:00 AM.
  • Deadline for checking-in is 8:30 AM SHARP.
  • Pre-registered players arriving after 8:30 will be placed on the bottom of the Wait List.
  • Late arrivals are not guaranteed pool play and are not eligible for refunds.


  • Anyone can play. VBVentures membership is not required.  Memberships will pay a discounted entry fee, while non-members will pay $10 more.
  • Players must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Round Robin Doubles events are Coed or Men’s & Women’s Round Robin DRAW, where you play each game with a different partner during pool play. This means you get maximum playtime on the beach, as opposed to traditional double-elimination tournaments. The top players pool out to playoffs and play with a fixed partner during single elimination playoffs.
  • Fixed Partner Doubles events are entered as a team where you play with your partner all day.
  • Fours events are played with fixed teams. They also offer maximum play time on the beach.
  • Events are either Coed or “Men’s & Women’s.”
  • Short court.
  • Rally games to 21, win by 1.
  • We generally follow the beach volleyball rules laid out by CBVA.

Level of Play

  • Four Divisions: 1, 2, 3 & 4 (1=Very Competitive, 4=Fun day at the beach/Beginner).
  • Division 1: Experienced beach volleyball players. Players with strong tournament experience. Players with any CBVA rating. Can pass, set, and hit very consistently and play effective defense and offense, including blocking.
  • Division 2: Indoor or beach players who can pass, set, and hit consistently. Have moved from basic skills to defensive strategy, shot-making, and blocking. May have taken intermediate or advanced beach volleyball classes. Have played VBVentures tournaments in Division 2 or 3. May have played CBVA tournaments.
  • Division 3: Have played some indoor or beach volleyball with strong basic skills. May have taken an intermediate beach volleyball class. Can pass and set with some control and can serve overhand. May have played in VBVentures Division 3 or 4 in the past.
  • Division 4: Players who have been recently introduced to beach volleyball, and may have taken a beginner beach volleyball class. Played recreational volleyball, but rarely in tournaments before. The games might be 3 on 3 or 4 on 4, rather than 2s.
  • The VBV Rating System is used to place players in divisions. VBV Directors reserve the right to move players between divisions as needed to balance pools.

Sign up Deadline

  • 6:00 PM on Friday prior to the event.
  • Late Entries: Entries after the deadline will be put on the Wait List. If you miss the on-line registration deadline or want to be wait listed, show up early on Saturday morning.
  • Coed tournaments require a Co-Entry, which is a member of the opposite sex, and need not be the same level or division as you are. This is done to have an even number of men and women to balance the pools.
  • Cancellations received before NOON on Friday will be eligible for refund or future credit.
  • No-Shows are not eligible for refunds.
  • All players must be VBV members: $30 for 2013
  • Pre-registration entries: $30
  • Beach Registration the morning of the event: $35

Rain Policy

If it is raining at 7:00 am at the event site on the morning of a tournament, the event will be canceled. It may or may not be rescheduled because L.A. County requires that permits be requested many months in advance. Credits or refunds will be given for any event that is canceled.


Volleyball Ventures Directors work hard to create an enjoyable day on the beach for all (themselves included). We want you to meet others and challenge yourself to play your best, with lots of smiles along the way. We reserve the right to refuse entry to, or eliminate players from, VBV events for unsportsmanlike conduct, cheating, fighting with players or Directors, falsifying scores, or public drunkenness.

Until such time as we develop a VBV Youth Division, all players must be at least 18 years old. Younger players must provide proof of age to play in a tourney.

Directions to Tournaments & Parking

All VBV tournaments are played at the south side of the Manhattan Beach Pier in Manhattan Beach, CA (unless otherwise noted, and subject ot change by the LA County Department of Beaches and Harbors)

Manhattan Beach:
Map to Manhattan Beach Pier [ click here for Google Map ]
Manhattan Beach Parking Map [ click here ]

Manhattan Beach:
Map to Manhattan Beach Pier click herefor Google Map
Manhattan Beach Parking Map click here

Contact Information
Patrick Mejia: 310-735-7251
E-mail Address:

Mailing Address: PO Box 1300, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266